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General Talk (Vaping / Smoking) / Don't forget why Vaping is a problem!
« Last post by iQuit on November 25, 2019, 08:14:03 am »

It's important not to forget why vaping is a problem.

It's all about the substances/additives that are combined when producing the gel-like-liquid substance that makes it possible for the ingredients to properly burn and be converted into a vape smoke, and because those additives are NOT suiting well for respiratory systems of the human breathing, the human lungs doesn't like it and the lungs are not happy.

Therefore, just because some company made the product and you trust them, doesn't mean they created it right from the start.

Since this product is a new product in the industry, it has room for error and NOW we are seeing what ERROR can occur.

So it's important to take this REMINDER seriously and stay away from VAPING and keep REMINDING others to do the same.

All of your comments are appreciated in response to these thoughts.
Rules & Information / Forum Rules:
« Last post by QuittingKing on November 11, 2019, 04:25:46 pm »
The goal of the forum is to encourage others to post about their experiences, talk about their side effects, and be non-toxic because this is an environment where people are suppose to attempt to heal or look for advice on how to quit. Posts do not have to be restricted to those topics, it's just a general guideline of what posts should be focused on.

- No toxicity, flaming, fighting: Please report issues to forum moderators.

- No excessive swearing.

- No Adult Content / NSFW: We might eventually add a section where it is allowed, within reason of course.

- No pro-vape posting: For clarification, we are talking about constantly begging or getting people to try vaping. This includes lying and spreading misinformation.

- Read and follow the topic section rules (below).

- Follow common sense: We are not going to specify the infinite amount of things someone should not do.

Section Rules: Each section or topic has information that specifies what should be mentioned too.

- Rules & Information: Just for people to read and stay informed.

- Vape/Smoking Talk: Stick to the topic of vaping/smoking. Although we usually only mention vaping, smoking talk is allowed too, not just vape talk.

- Off-Topic: This will contain member introduction posts or any other non-vape talk that people want to talk about. Please try to keep it PG-13 at max.
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